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Premium garden accessories direct to your door

Quality materials
Our products are made from organic, eco-friendly materials which are ethically sourced.
100% Handmade
We believe in a regenerative economy. Our products create opportunities for artisans and conserve their traditions.
Built to Last
Durable as well as beautiful, our hammocks are made from 100% organic cotton

Our Range

Our Happy Customers

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about our range.

"My hols were cancelled (along with everyone else's!) so I decided to bring some of the holiday feeling to my own back garden with an OC hammock!"
Jenny Donnelly
"I've spent the last couple of months working from home and looking after the kids. My OC hammock is my space to take time and forget about it all. Delivered on time with no fuss..."
Mellisa Moore
"I've always loved the feeling of lying back in a hammock and just switching off with a book or a cocktail - or both! I'm delighted with the build quality and comfortable design of my new OC hammock".
Paul Stevenson
Business owner
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